RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 2, Number 8, April 14, 1997

Assorted Problems


1. Heidi paid 25 cents for a pencil from the school store. The next day at
the mall, she paid three times as much for a pencil that played music.
What was the average price she paid for a pencil?

2.  Stephen weighs twice as much as Ashley. Ashley weighs one third
as much as David. David weighs four pounds more than Chris. Chris
weighs 89 pounds. How much does Stephen weigh?

3.  Leah had $ 25.00 in her piggy bank. She spent ten dollars of it on a
book. She counted the money she had left and realized that she
needed twice as much money to afford the jeans she wanted to buy.
What was the price of those jeans?

4.  Danielle invited 24 kids to her party. Only half of them showed up on
time. Five kids came later. That means that _____ of the invited kids
didn’t come to the party.

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