RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 2, Number 7, April 9, 1997

Assorted Problems


1.  If a test has 20 questions and each question is worth the same
towards the score, than each question is worth 5 points. That's
because 100 (a perfect score) divided by twenty equals 5. If a test has
5 questions of equal value, each question is worth 20 points, because
100 divided by 5 equals 20. If a test has only 4 questions of equal
value, how many points is each question worth?
    If you take a test with 4 equally valued questions, and you get 3
questions right, what will your score be?

2.  Jamie took a science test. Each question was worth 2 points; a
perfect score would be 100.(100 percent) How many questions were on
the test?

3.  Jamie missed only three questions on her science test. What was her

4.  Chris ate 17 chocolate eggs. Danielle ate twice as many eggs as
Chris. Tiffany ate 5 less eggs than Danielle and _____ more eggs than

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