RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 2, Number 6, March 24, 1997



1.  Roderick, Dennis, David, and Stephen have been exercising for one
month. They’ve been pleased at the muscle weight they’ve put on.
Roderick has gained four pounds, Dennis three, David seven, and
Stephen has gained six pounds. What was the average weight gain of
these boys?

2.  Heidi drank an average of three glasses of water per day during the
winter season. So far this spring, she has drunk five glasses of water on
Thursday, three on Friday, six on Saturday, eight on Sunday, and three
on Monday.  So far, her average for spring is _______ more glasses of
water per day than in the winter.

3.  Brittany read two books during vacation. One book was 437 pages
long. The other was 201 pages long. What was the average page
length of the books?

4.  Ryan bought a bag of candy. The price was 3/$1.29. What was the
price of the single bag of candy?

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