RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 2, Number 2, February 26, 1997

Multiply or Divide


1.  Crystal has 2 dozen cookies. She wants to give them all away to her
eight friends. If she gives each friend the same number of cookies, how
many will each friend get?

2.  Roderick paid eighteen dollars for three identical disposable
cameras. How much would two of those cameras cost?

3.  Brittany had 47 polished stones. She gave four stones to each of her
five best friends. How many stones did she have left?

4.  Nikole can buy four notebooks in store A for a total of twelve dollars.
She can buy the same notebooks in store B for $ 2.75 each. How much
will she save if she buys the four notebooks in store B?

5.  David runs the same number of miles every day. He runs 28 miles
every week. How many miles does David run in a three day period?

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