RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 2, Number 13, May 19, 1997

Assorted Problems


1.  Jason owns five baseballs, three softballs, and two basketballs.
Tiffany owns four softballs and one basketball. How many more
 softballs does Tiffany own than Jason?

2.  Ashley has 3 snails in her terrarium. Dennis has 1 snail that he keeps
 in a jar that is 4 inches tall. How many snails do they have together?

3.  David and Katie went to Pizza Pie Land. Katie wanted to order a
pizza with 4 toppings. David wanted to order a pizza with 3 toppings.
They ordered a pizza with 4 toppings. Katie ate 3 slices, David ate twice
as many pieces. There were 2 pieces left uneaten. How many pieces
was the pizza divided into?

4.  Roderick ordered a large pizza that was divided into a dozen pieces.
Roderick ate 1/3 of the pizza and fed the rest of it to his dog. How
many pieces did Roderick feed to his dog?

5.  There are 12 boys and 8 girls in Miss Johnson’s fourth grade class.
They sit in 4 even rows. How many children are in each row?

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