RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 9, November 4, 1996

Elementary Electoral College

     Tiger Elementary School is having an election for school president.
Each classroom will decide on a favorite candidate and cast one Class
Vote for that candidate.

     There are nine classrooms at Tiger Elementary School. That means
that the highest number of Class Votes a candidate can possibly get is

1.  Heather and Roderick are the candidates who are running for school
president. The winner has to get at least ______ Class Votes to win.

     Each class is deciding who to cast its Class Vote for by having the
students vote. If a candidate gets the most votes, he or she wins that
classroom’s Class Vote.

2.  Twenty students voted in Mrs. Bug’s class. Heather got nine votes
and Roderick got the rest. Who won Mrs. Bug’s classroom’s Class

3.  Heather won the school election. More students voted for Roderick
than Heather. How is that possible?

4.  There are 247 students enrolled at Tiger Elementary School. Only
235 voted. How many students didn’t vote?

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