RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 8, October 28, 1996

Assorted Problems


1.      Laura spent two hours on the Internet last week. Dennis was
on the Internet for one hour and twenty minutes during the same week.
How many more minutes did Laura spend online than Dennis?

2.      Jamie had $ 43.75 in her savings account. She deposited her
entire allowance in the account and that brought it up to $ 48.75. How
much money did she receive for an allowance?

3.      Today is Jeff’s birthday. He was born in 1987. It’s also
Amanda’s birthday. She was born in 1983. Who is older, and how much

4.      Melissa is a Halloween baby. October 31, 1996 is her ninth
birthday. In what year will she be 13 years old?

5.      You have to be at least ten years old to be allowed to go on
the haunted hayride at Scary Land Park. The ride will be held only once
on Halloween night. Danny can’t go because he’s only seven. He’d be
able to go if he were only ______ years older.

6.      Crystal needs five or six apples to make one of her famous
apple pies. She wouldn’t dream of changing the size or the recipe.
        Daryl called her and said he’s bringing her twenty apples.
Crystal is sure she’ll have enough apples to make _____ pies. She
thinks that maybe she’ll be able to make as many as _____ pies. Why
can’t she be sure exactly how many pies she’ll be able to make?

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