RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 6, October 14, 1996

Trick or Treat

1. Ashley Witch decided to turn her five best friends into pumpkins.
Three of them escaped by pretending to be ghosts. How many friends
did Ashley Witch turn into pumpkins?

2. Travis went shopping for a vampire costume. He chose an outfit that
cost $ 12.95. He handed the cashier two ten dollar bills. How much
change did he get?

3. There were 19 students in Summer’s class (including her). She
brought two dozen cupcakes to the class party. Each student ate one
cupcake and the teacher ate four. How many cupcakes were left?

See if you can solve the next two problems mentally.

4. Roxanne went to the mall to shop. She bought a pumpkin suit for
$ 29.88 and a bag of candy corn for $ 2.25. She also bought a spider
ring for $ 7.95. She spent about _____ dollars.

5. David has a five dollar bill. Is that enough to buy a half gallon of ice
cream for $ 3.79, a newspaper for 50 cents, a candy bar for $ .60, and
a puzzle book for one dollar?

Copyright 1996