RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 5, October 7, 1996

Step by Step


1.  Connie had $ 25.00 saved. She sold her old bicycle for fifty dollars
and deposited that to her savings. Then she bought a new computer
game that used up all but $ 10.20 of her savings. How  much did she
pay for the game?

2.  One day at the Hobby Club, Daryl had 374 football cards. He also
had 500 baseball cards. Then he traded 40 football cards for 2 of
David’s mystery books. Chris had 400 football cards. Nikole had 589
football cards. Nikole had _____ more football cards than Daryl.

3.  Danielle invited 12 boys and 9 girls to her birthday party. Everyone
she invited came, except Tiffany, who was on a four day camping trip.
How many guests attended Danielle’s party?

4.  Anthony went to the mall with $ 35.50 in his pocket. He spent $ 7.32
on food and $ 21.99 on clothes. He also bought a book. He left the mall
with only two dollars. How much did the book cost?

5.  Darlene ran 12 miles last week. Elizabeth only went running two days
last week. She ran 4 miles on Tuesday and one mile on Friday. How
many more miles did Darlene run last week than Elizabeth?

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