RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 20, February 3, 1997

Assorted Problems


1.  Heidi bought a word game at the toy store. It cost $ 19.98. Danielle
bought the same game at a department store in the mall and paid $
24.95. How much did Heidi save by buying the game at the toy store
instead of the department store?

2.  If you have six cans of cream soda, and each can contains 12
ounces of soda, how many ounces of soda is that in all?

3.  There are 28 days in this month of February. Heather is certain she
will eat five meals every day this month. How many meals will Heather
eat in February?

4.  There are 32 ounces in a quart. David opened a quart container of
orange juice and poured out 9 ounces of juice. How many ounces of
orange juice were left in the container?

5.  Daryl went to the mall with fifty-seven dollars in his pocket. After
spending $ 6.00 to see a movie and $ 15.30 for jeans, he still had
_________ left.

6.  If today is your birthday, and you’re eleven years old, what year were
you born in?

7.  There were 39 monkeys in the tree. Some went away. Then there
were 14 monkeys remaining in the tree. How many monkeys went

8.  Roger drives his car 45 miles every workday, just to get to and from
work. He works five days a week. How many miles does he commute
each week?

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