RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 2, September 16, 1996

Assorted Problems

1.  Tiffany rode her bike for an hour on Saturday. She rode her bike for
10 minutes less than that on Sunday. How many minutes did she ride
her bike in all on both days?

2.  Chris has ten pets. Four of his pets are cats, the rest are dogs. How
many pet dogs does Chris have?

3.  Jason is nine years old. How old will he be on this date in the year

4.  Bernadine weighed 64 pounds last week. She’s gained 3 pounds
since then. How much does Bernadine weigh now?

5.  Heidi and Steven both ran for class president. Twenty-nine students
voted. Steven got 14 votes. The other votes went to Heidi. Who won
the election?

6.  Michael bought a candy bar. The clerk asked for $ .61 (sixty-one
cents). Michael handed the clerk three quarters. How much change did
he get?

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