RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 17, January 13, 1997

Assorted Problems


1.  Dennis bought three hot dogs at the computer show. He paid two
dollars for all three. Crystal bought three of the same kind of hot dogs for
$ .75 each. Who got the better deal?

2.  Ashley’s allowance is $ 5.00 a week. She has saved three weeks’
allowance to help pay for a gift that she wants to buy for her twin
brother. The gift is a magazine subscription that will cost $ 19.95. How
much more money does she still need to be able to buy the gift?

3.  Leah is reading a very interesting novel. Each day she reads about
15 pages. About how many pages will she read in a week?

4.  Martin Luther King Jr. was born in 1929. If he were still alive, how old
would he be on his birthday this year?

5.  Three feet of snow is _____ inches more than one foot of snow.

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