RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 15, December 16, 1996

Assorted Problems


1.  Roderick is building a snow fort in his yard. He is building four walls
of the same size. The first wall required 177 snow blocks. How many
more blocks does Roderick have to make to build the remaining walls?

2.  Brittany wants to buy her sister a game machine for $ 199.95. She
has $ 140. saved so far. How much more money does she need?

3.  The teacher bought nine chess sets for our classroom. Each set cost
$ 5.50. How much did all the sets cost?

4.  We are decorating five Christmas trees in our school hallway. All the
trees are artificial and identical. We used 80 ornaments to decorate the
first two trees. If we want all the trees to be decorated just about the
same, we’ll need about _____ ornaments to decorate all five trees.

5.  We bought eight identical boxes of Christmas lights. Each box has
three dozen lights. How many lights is that altogether?

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