RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 11, November 18, 1996

Assorted Problems


1.      Stephanie went to the mall with $ 25.75 in her purse. She
spent $ 18.00 at the mall. How much money did she have left after

2.      There are 30 students in Mr. Howard's class. There are five
students in each row. How many rows are the students sitting in?

3.      Kristen went to the computer show to buy some blank disks.
She bought eight boxes of disks. Each box contained ten disks.  How
many disks did Kristen buy?

4.      Holly bought two dozen erasable pens. She gave four pens to
Stephen and one pen to Korey. How many pens did she still have?

5.      There are 577 students in Clark Middle School.  Three
hundred fourteen of them are girls. How many boys are in the school?

6.      Ricky runs 5 miles a day. Shannon runs 32 miles a week.
How many more miles does Ricky run than Shannon in a week?

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