RHL School

Mathematics Problem Solving
Volume 1, Number 1, September 9, 1996

Assorted Problems

1.  David has 47 rocks in his collection. Ashley has 54 rocks in her
collection. How many more rocks does Ashley have than David?

2.  There are 14 girls in Erin’s class. There are 12 boys in the class.
How many children are in Erin’s class?

3.  Michael felt that he was too heavy. He lost eight pounds and then
weighed ninety-one pounds. How much did Michael weigh before he
lost weight?

4.  Mr. Smart also lost weight. He had weighed 197 pounds and
dropped down to 165 pounds. How much weight did he lose?

5.  Elizabeth bought three pens. She paid $ .75 (seventy-five cents)
altogether. Crystal bought three identical pens at a different store. She
paid $ .30 (thirty cents) for each pen. Who got the best deal? How
much less did she pay?

6.  There are 85 marbles in a bag. The marbles are either red, white or
blue. Ten marbles are white. Forty marbles are blue. How many red
marbles are in the bag?

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