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Nouns as Adjectives

Sometimes words that are usually nouns can function as adjectives. This happens when the “noun” is used to define a noun. Underline the adjective in each sentence that is often a noun. The first one is done for you.


1. Karen always wipes her runny nose with paper towels.

2. Teasing a junkyard dog is a bad idea.

3. An intelligent person will never put his head into an empty pickle jar.

4. I hear that apple juice is a healthy drink.

5. Troy would like an onion sandwich with a touch of mustard.

6. Remind Kurt to stop eating cat food!

7. That’s what you get for using a glue stick as lipstick!

8. The chubby little frog refused to try the new beef diet.

9. Yes, there are automobile dealers you can trust.


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