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The Real Verb

Sometimes the same word can be a noun, verb, or adjective, depending on how that word is used. Note the two underlined words in each selection and draw a ring around the verb.


1. Did I dream about you? It was more like a nightmare than a dream!

2. The spy decided that he would never poison himself. In spite of that decision, he continued to carry a poison pill in his shoe.

3. I can’t cover the pot until I find the cover!

4. Sam knew what question to ask first when it was his turn to question the suspect.

5. My old pickup truck is big enough to truck all the parts to the site in one trip.

6. Do you plan to sell your soap flavored health drink at a discount to members of the company’s health plan?

7. Did someone use dye to color this yellow paper or did it actually yellow with age?



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