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English Basics
Volume 5, Number 15, January 24, 2001

Complete Sentences

Is the group of words a complete sentence? Write Yes or No after each sentence. The first two have been done for you.

1. Honestly telling everything he knew. No
2. He was honestly telling everything he knew. Yes
3. Eating too many olives for her own good.
4. Sharon wondered why the chicken soup was green.
5. Dogs who think that they’re cats.
6. Putting her gloves on backwards.
7. I saw it.
8. The mud that no one wanted to eat.
9. The boy who kept pudding in his hat.
10. The boy kept pudding in his hat.
11. Jill found the keys in her coat.
12. The keys that Jill found in her coat.
13. Playfully dancing in the snow.
14. Cameras without any film.
15. Moving with great speed.
16. We’ll share the secret with you.

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