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English Basics
Volume 5, Number 14, January 12, 2001

Complete Sentences

Is the group of words a complete sentence? Write Yes or No after each sentence. The first four have been done for you.

1. The car is red. Yes
2. The car that is red. No
3. The car that is red runs very smoothly. Yes
4. Runs very smoothly. No
5. Putting their shoes on.
6. The boys are putting their shoes on.
7. The pretty girls who can’t sing.
8. The dogs who bite are kept in pens.
9. Many careful workers.
10. A full week after the toilet overflowed.
11. Trusting Kathy to tell the truth.
12. The highest wall in the little village.
13. Forgetting that he was only wearing pajamas.
14. The sad truth was being hidden.
15. Some happy children sang songs.
16. Eating was not allowed.

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