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Volume 5, Number 12, December 7, 2000

Christmas Analogies

Complete each analogy by writing the best word in the blank. You may use a dictionary.

1. Decorate is to trees as deck is to _______________.

tries tree halls boats

2. To is to two as Claus is to _______________.

Santa Nick legend claws

3. Gift is to present as deck is to _______________.

decorate ship holly check

4. Goose is to geese as reindeer is to _______________.

sleigh Rudolph reindeers reindeer

5. Thanksgiving is to harvest as Christmas is to _______________.

holiday religious birth eve

6. Ornaments is to tree as stockings is to _______________.

socks warm candy mantel

7. Nice is to toys as naughty is to _______________.

list punish behavior coal


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