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English Basics
Volume 5, Number 10, November 13, 2000

Homonym Search

Homonyms are words that sound alike but have unrelated meanings. They are often, but not always, spelled differently.

Underline the two homonyms in each sentence. The first one is done for you.


1. I won’t buy a book that’s written by a ghost writer!

2. My hare and rabbit have very smooth hair.

3. When do you think our next payment is due?

4. Matt is so witty he can even make a wry comment about rye bread.

5. Do you prefer an oar or a paddle?

6. I never guessed that Elaine would be our surprise guest.

7. Amazingly, none of us realized that Mary was a nun.

8. With a steel will and an absence of decency, he tried to steal the election.

9. Any gold that’s left in the old mine is mine!

10. Is there ever a time when you’d combine garlic and thyme in a recipe?

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