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English Basics
Volume 5, Number 1, September 11, 2000

Noun Search

Underline the nouns. Here’s some help: In each sentence, there will be three or four nouns and they will always be in alphabetical order. The first sentence has been done for you.

1. Charlie feeds his cows a cool selection of vitamins.

2. It’s a good rule to never put your pet spider into your wallet.

3. Alice advised Anne to visit Baltimore in the spring.

4. Harry was horrified to hear that his horse had hugged his hyena.

5. Many talented boys incorrectly believe that girls are incapable of matching their skills.

6. There are times when I have trouble tackling turkeys.

7. Barbara believed that her beliefs were more logical than the doubts that Edward expressed.

8. Luck is usually a matter of choosing to do wise things.

9. My favorite color is red but I admire your lovely green teeth.

10. Debbie had a strange habit of gargling her soup whenever we dined publicly.


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