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English Basics
Volume 4, Number 9, November 1, 1999

Finding More Violators

There is a word or punctuation mark in each sentence that is incorrect. Underline it and write the correct word or punctuation mark after the sentence.

1. Adam watches silently as a large flock of birds fly over the yard.
2. Harriet don’t like eating with chopsticks.
3. That television belongs to all the girl’s.
4. Mrs. Shark would’nt like that fish joke!
5. The cars are approaching the finish line and there coming fast!
6. One pair of shoes are all I need for the winter.
7. I wonder how many people are in the audience?
8. “All I want is a honest answer,” Johnny said.
9. The wolf’s howl was loud enough to attract three more wolfs.
10. We’ll never get there if you keep walking so slow!
11. This house was built for you and I!
12. My best friend’s names are Bill and Phil.


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