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English Basics
Volume 4, Number 8, October 25, 1999

Finding the Violators

There is a word or punctuation mark in each sentence that is incorrect. Underline it and write the correct word or punctuation mark after the sentence. The first three have been done for you.


1. You drive good enough to win any race. well
2. This group of kids are carving pumpkins.
3. Did you see my new coat.
4. I wonder whose eating the dog’s favorite food.
5. It’s not too early for you to lay down and go to sleep.
6. Elton seen the monster hiding in the bushes.
7. This is an once in a lifetime opportunity.
8. My sister’s names are Mary and Scary.
9. I’m innocent; I didn’t do nothing wrong.
10. The soldiers moved careful across the bridge.
11. There were many deers in the field.
12. Frank is to hungry to settle for one piece of pizza.
13. I’d like to know where you put my Halloween costume?



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