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English Basics
Volume 4, Number 28, May 1, 2000


Paragraphs are groups of sentences having a common topic or main idea. Every sentence in a paragraph should support the theme of that paragraph. When a writer wants to use a sentence that doesn’t meet that requirement, it’s time to start another paragraph.

Each paragraph contains one sentence that does not belong in it. Underline that sentence. The first one has been done for you.


1. Another unusual thing about Travis is his eating philosophy. He believes that there is no such thing as a breakfast food, lunch food, or supper food. He’ll eat tuna sandwiches for breakfast if the mood strikes. He often eats pancakes for lunch. He frequently goes to the movies in his pajamas before supper. When it’s finally time to go to bed, Travis will have a big bowl of Cheerios.


2. Francine was certainly not as popular with her teachers as she was with her peers. She knew that she had earned her back seat in their hearts. She laughed out loud when Mr. Ami made his most serious statements in social studies class. She wrote mean little poems about Miss Baker, the soccer coach, and taped them on hallway walls. Her favorite subject was math. Every day, in every class, Francine would ask, “When can we go home?’


3. Albert is a collector. He has an extensive stamp collection. His toe nail clipping collection is the topic of much discussion. The vacuum bag collection that decorates his bedroom walls is one of a kind. Albert loves to vacuum the house for his parents. He has a rock collection, a comic book collection, and even a used staples collection. It’s no wonder that Albert's friends call him “Mr. Collector.”


4. Please write back soon. I want to know how you’re doing in school. How are your parents? Do you have many new friends? I have a new bike. Tell me if your new house is as nice as your old one. Are you still sad about moving? And of course, I want to know if you miss me just a little bit.


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