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English Basics
Volume 4, Number 16, January 18, 2000

Synonyms and Antonyms

There are two underlined words in each selection. They are either synonyms or antonyms. Put an S (for “synonym”) or an A (for “antonym”) in the blank after each number to indicate how the words are related.

1_____ I couldn’t recall her name and I don’t even remember where we met.

2_____ Chris wasn’t in his seat when the teacher passed out the morning assignment. He was tardy as usual. Then he missed the bus and was late for supper.

3_____ I thought I had a rare old bicycle that was worth a fortune. It turned out to be a common model that nobody wanted to buy.

4._____ “What is that awful smell?” Troy asked as Melinda entered the room. “That wonderful fragrance is my perfume!” she replied.

5_____ Yes, taking your shoes off as we entered Patrick’s house was a polite thing to do. However, placing them on his coffee table was rather rude.

6_____ Mr. Smith never liked any of his daughter’s boyfriends. He claimed that most of them were weird. He was even less comfortable about any that he considered to be normal.

7_____ Miss Snowflake was convinced that George had turned the heat up all the way. She demanded that he confess his guilt. The other kids knew that George would never admit that he had done wrong.

8_____ Drinking the water in that lake is strictly prohibited. It could make you sick. But for some reason, swimming is allowed.

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