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English Basics
Volume 4, Number 15, January 10, 2000


Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings.

There is one word underlined in each sentence. Choose the word that is an antonym of that word (in the context of the sentence). If necessary, use a dictionary or thesaurus.


1. Our investigation will reveal the truth!

a. conceal
b. expose
c. inspect
d. announce

2. There are many ways to build a house.

a. some
b. few
c. numerous
d. bad

3. That car is too expensive for our budget.

a. inexpensive
b. costly
c. priced
d. small

4. The teacher read us a very entertaining book.

a. fictional
b. factual
c. silly
d. boring

5. Sunglasses will only hinder your ability to see at night.

a. accept
b. describe
c. equal
d. help

6. That barbell is light enough for a two year old to lift!

a. dark
b. serious
c. harsh
d. heavy

7. The new governor will free the innocent prisoner.

a. costly
b. imprison
c. imprisoned
d. release

8. My parents are hoping that I’ll do the right thing.

a. left
b. prohibition
c. proper
d. wrong



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