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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 36, June 14, 1999

Good or Well?

Good is an adjective. Well is the adverb form of good. When you are describing a noun or pronoun, use good. If you are describing a verb, use well.

Examples:You showed good behavior.You behaved well.

Write good or well in the blank.

1. How __________ do you know that strange looking character?

2. The director thought that our performance was __________.

3. The director thought that our performance went __________.

4. Does Marie play the guitar __________ enough to be in the band?

5. Yes, she is a very __________ guitar player.

6. It’s not a __________ idea to eat too many bugs.

7. I’m very careful to chew the insects __________.

8. The old car’s engine still runs __________.

9. That’s because we took __________ care of it.

10. David plays __________ with all the other kids.


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