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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 32, May 17, 1999

Still More Analogies

Complete each analogy by writing the best word in the blank. Use a dictionary to look up words you don't know.

1. Philanthropist is to generous as profligate is to _______________.

wasteful sell kind moral

2. Leg is to toe as arm is to _______________.

shoulder elbow hand finger

3. Geologist is to rocks as _______________ is to stars.

planet sun space astronomer

4. Din is to _______________ as crime is to illegal.

foolish dark noisy artistic

5. Lie is to lay as rise is to _______________.

rain raise rays ryes

6. Compliment is to insult as high is to _______________.

eagle hi low above

7. Big is to large as coercion is to _______________.

kindness pressure mistake ice cream


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