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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 29, April 26, 1999

Still More Analogies

Complete each analogy by writing the best word in the blank.


1. Reveal is to conceal as repair is to _______________.


fix break hide show

2. Leg is to knee as arm is to _______________.


shoulder elbow hand reach

3. Mammal is to mouse as _______________ is to turtle.


invertebrate shell reptile amphibian

4. Driver is to vehicle as photographer is to _______________.


picture pictures camera artist

5. Put is to place as place is to _______________.


take location plays placed

6. Dog is to whale as sparrow is to _______________.


eagle bird larger feathers

7. Popular is to popularity as kind is to _______________.


kindness type mean kindly

8. Sweet is to sweetly as _______________ is to well.


healthly water wealthy good

9. Rain is to _______________ as snow is to drifts.


weather clouds puddles precipitation

10. Tripod is to three as bird is to _______________.


nest feather one two


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