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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 24, March 15, 1999

More Analogies

Complete each analogy by writing the best word in the blank.


1. Wolf is to mammal as frog is to _________________.


amphibian fish toad tadpole

2. Allow is to permit as find is to _________________.


let lose search locate

3. Warm is to hot as _________________ is to cold.


ice cool temperature degrees

4. Bird is to air as fish is to _________________.


scales swim water gills

5. Bird is to fly as fish is to _________________.


scales swim water gills

6. Bird is to feathers as fish is to _________________.


scales swim water gills

7. Bird is to lungs as fish is to _________________.


scales swim water gills

8. Prevent is to stop as _________________ is to view.


look review careful preview

9. Thermometer is to _________________ as scale is to weight.


degrees hot balance temperature

10. Remember is to past as predict is to _________________.


forcast weather guess future

11. Invite is to invitation as create is to _________________.


action build request creation

12 Children is to _________________ as mice is to mouse.


adults kids child rodents

13. Foot is to animal as _________________ is to truck.


feet wheels wheel vehicle

14. Desert is to oasis as ocean is to _________________.


island water sand sea

15. Bother is to annoy as help is to _________________.


aid needy nice helpful

16. Yes is to no as allow is to _________________.


permit forbid not admit

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