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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 2, September 14, 1998



Verbs are words that show action or being.

Each sentence below contains one action verb and one verb that shows being. Complete the partial table below to identify those verbs. The first two lines are done for you.

1. Anthony was afraid of girls who wore red hats.
2. Pam howls when the moon is full.
3. The boys were too big to fit in the tent.
4. I figured he was guilty.
5. I am sick of standing in this line!
6. Karen was certain that Jim resembled the king.
7. “Melvin,” the teacher announced, “is a math genius!”
8. You are impolite when you stand in my pudding.










Each sentence has a missing verb. Write a verb in each blank that will make sense in the context of the sentence.

1. Maria _______________ the door until someone let her in.

2. Sasha _______________ old enough to join the club.

3. Chris expects to _______________ a gift for David.

4. Ashley and Jan _______________ playing tennis in the rain.

5. Carlos and Amber _______________ a lot of bugs.

6. Katey told Boris that he _______________ like a dog.

7. Your eyes _______________ like a million stars.

8. Brad _______________ ten dollars at the fair.

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