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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 17, January 19, 1999


Synonyms are words that have the same or almost the same meaning.

There is one word underlined in each sentence. Choose the word that is NOT a synonym of that word. If necessary, use a dictionary or thesaurus.


1. Kyle is smart enough to solve a very difficult problem.

a. hurt
b. clever
c. bright
d. intelligent

2. There is no way that I can sell you land that I don’t even possess.

a. have
b. own
c. hold
d. want

3. Lori mailed the question to Cheryl, and she’s waiting for a reply.

a. answer
b. response
c. request
d. explanation

4. Steve is powerful enough to lift the truck with one hand.

a. bright
b. strong
c. mighty
d. muscular

5. Zachary is certainly fond of fried clams.

a. definitely
b. slightly
c. surely
d. unquestionably

6. Kim hoped that nobody had seen what she had done.

a. noticed
b. witnessed
c. observed
d. heard

7. The bus is ready; we’ll exit through that door.

a. leave
b. walk
c. go
d. depart

8. The “facts” in your statement are wrong!

a. interesting
b. false
c. untrue
d. incorrectCopyright 199 RHL


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