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Volume 3, Number 16, January 11, 1999

More Homonyms

Homonyms, or homophones, are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings. They are usually spelled differently.

There are two or more homonyms in each sentence. Read the sentences carefully and then underline the homonyms. The first sentence has been done for you.

1. And now Richy knows that you should never stick your nose into hot chili.
2. Lou’s brother never thought he’d lose the bet.
3. This steel chain will not allow anyone to steal the bike.
4. Hank gave a loud groan when he realized how wide he had grown.
5. Watch as she pries the cover off the crate to peek at the prize.
6. I could be swayed to buy a suede jacket.
7. It’s too bad that the two of you can’t go to the party.
8. Who’s going to tell me whose footprints are on my clean windows?
9. It takes skillful crews to work on cruise ships.
10. Bruce chews his soda, but I choose to drink mine.
11. He almost flew out the door when he learned she had the flu.
12. We just read an article about the red tide.
13. I’ll see my doctor and he’ll heal my heel.
14. The old man smiles and stares at the rats as they run up the stairs.
15. Will you be careful not to sit on a bee?
16. Her hair grayed rapidly after she began teaching fourth grade.

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