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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 15, January 4, 1999


Homonyms, or homophones, are words that are pronounced the same but have different meanings. They are usually spelled differently.

There are two or more homonyms in each sentence. Read the sentences carefully and then underline the homonyms. The first two sentences have been done for you.

1. The wind blew my blue shirt into the pool.
2. Cheryl rode along as we rowed the boat from the island to the lakeside road.
3. I’ve never seen such a beautiful scene.
4. We want a site for our home that will be out of sight.
5. The seam in the tent doesn’t seem to hold back the rain.
6. Due to the dry weather, we do not see any dew on the grass.
7. I knew they had a new gnu at the zoo.
8. Some people know that you add to find the sum.
9. They’re hanging their coats over there.
10. I ate the eight cakes that were on my plate.
11. How many ways can I tell him that he weighs too much?
12. They banned the crude band from playing at the concert.
13. She only won one ticket to the show.
14. We must raze the old building before the sun’s rays can raise the temperature.
15. We’ll find a tropical isle where I’ll walk down the aisle with my bride.
16. You’re crazy if you pierce your ankle!

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