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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 13, December 7, 1998

Simple Subjects

The subject of a sentence is the word or group of words that is doing or being something.

A simple subject is a noun or pronoun that meets the above requirement.

Underline the simple subject in each sentence. The first four have been done for you.

1. Christmas is a wonderful holiday celebrated by millions of people.
2. Christmas decorations adorned every building on the street.
3. She rarely behaves so rudely.
4. How often has he forgotten to call?
5. The brightest star in the sky guided their journey.
6. Is Kathy really going to wear that scary dress?
7. We painted the old porch to match Sharon's pink eyes .
8. Adam finally learned how to put on his socks.
9. Can you possibly understand my situation?
10. An extremely delighted Chase handed his report card to his parents.
11. That is the strangest looking tree I’ve ever seen!
12. While hiding her anger as well as she could, Cindy handed the gift back to Bill.
13. Our favorite campsite was still available.
14. Cheryl will always solve the hardest puzzles.

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