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English Basics
Volume 3, Number 12, November 30, 1998

Good or Well?

It’s not that complicated. Good is an adjective. Well is an adverb.

If you are modifying, or describing, a noun or pronoun, use good.

Example: You are a good writer.

If you are modifying a verb, use well.

Example: You write well.

Write good or well in the space. Write the modified word after the sentence. The first four sentences have been done for you.

1. How well do you know him? know
2. Sam did a good job on her assignment. job
3. Sam did well on her assignment. did
4. Driving with your eyes open is a good idea. idea
5. The idea was expressed __________ in the article.
6. I’ll feel better if I get a __________ night’s sleep.
7. Your snoring made it impossible for me to sleep __________.
8. I really believe that tuna fish is a __________ breakfast food.
9. I’m still afraid of your __________ trained grizzly bear.
10. How __________ do you run on a hot day?
11. Dig deep to have a __________ well.
12. Have you been a __________ or a bad example to your younger friends?
13. You think that Desmond has behaved badly, but I think he has behaved __________.
14. I hope you have a __________ excuse!
15. Please chew your food __________.
16. The doctor took a __________ deserved vacation.
17. Why would you quit when you’re doing so __________.
18. Melody is a __________ singing partner.
19. He is being __________.
20. He is acting __________.

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