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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 9, November 3, 1997

Possessive Pronouns as Adjectives

When a pronoun is used to show possession by modifying a noun or pronoun, it is an adjective. It tells whose.

There will be one or more pronouns in each sentence. Only one of them will be a possessive pronoun used as an adjective. Underline the possessive pronoun (adjective) that modifies a noun or pronoun in each sentence. After the sentence, write the noun or pronoun that is modified by that adjective. The first four have been done for you.


1. XHas anyone seen my green shoes? shoes
2. XTim asked her to leave her work on the desk. work
3. XOur opinion wasn't considered when the decision was made! opinion
4. XKatey and Nikki hope the prize will be theirs. prize
5. XPlease stop wiping your nose on the carpet.
6. XHis mother won't let him swim in the river.
7. XIt's hard to know if the ant enjoyed its meal.
8. XThat silly old dog is mine.
9. XI don't believe that it is hers.
10. Carlos thinks the stray cat is ours.
11. Do you know where my socks are?
12. We never asked them for their tickets.
13. You'll know if the watch is yours when you see it.
14. The red shirt is his.



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