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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 5, October 6, 1997

Review: Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs

One word in each sentence is printed in boldface. That word is either a noun, pronoun, or a verb. Write the word and then tell whether it's a noun, pronoun, or verb. The first three have been answered for you.

1. xThe rain washed the dust away. xxxxxxxxxx1. rain, noun

2. xWill it rain all day? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2. rain, verb

3. xYou shouldn't sit on a porcupine. xxxxxxxxx3.You, pronoun

4. xI don't want to dance with a spider!

5. xWill you go to the dance with me?

6. xAlbany is the capital of New York.

7. xIs it really true?

8. xWhy are you painting your pumpkin blue?

9. xThe farmers are worried about the drought.

10. We have been here too long.

11. Seven silly salamanders sat singing sad songs.

12. Ben and Bradley brought baby's better bottle before breakfast.

13. She said she'd stop shopping Saturday.

14. The thin thinker thought they threw them through the three theaters.

15. Can crooked characters carefully create crackers?

16. He held his heavy hammer high.

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