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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 4, September 29, 1997


Pronouns are words that take the place of a noun. They often refer to nouns that have already been mentioned.

Each sentence below contains one pronoun. Underline that pronoun. The first three have been done for you.

1. xMarty is cool but he doesn't like to be teased.

2. xShe picked up the wrong keys on the way out.

3. xThe eggs are rotten; please put them in the trash.

4. xThe dog took the bone and buried it in the cellar.

5. xDaryl gets annoyed when you chew so loudly.

6. xJill told Jeremy and Shawn that they should behave like humans.

7. xThe sun always shines when we walk together.

8. xMel will be happy if the boss gives her a raise.

9. xThat package must be for us!

10. Jim is angry enough; don't tell him about the snake.

11. I will not put salt on green waffles.

12. "Mommy loves me best!" shouted the naughty boy.


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