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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 33, June 1, 1998

Good or Well?

Good is an adjective. Well is the adverb form of good. When you are describing a noun or pronoun, use good. If you are describing a verb, use well.

Examples:_ _ He is a good runner._ _ He runs well.

Write good or well in the blank.

1._ You did a _______________ job on your report.

2._ Please chew your food _______________.

3._ How _______________ do you see with those glasses?

4._ You look _______________ in that outfit. (The missing modifier describes the person’s appearance.)

5._ Sharon is a _______________ friend.

6._ I think we are very _______________ prepared.

7._ Melvin works _______________ under pressure.

8._ You will be rewarded for your _______________ deeds.

9._ She sings _______________ enough to join the choir.

10. She is a _______________ singer.


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