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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 3, September 22, 1997


Verbs are words that show action or being.

Each sentence below contains one action verb and one verb that shows being. Complete the partial table below to identify those verbs. The first two lines are done for you.

1.x Eating healthy food is a good idea.
2. xThere are too many insect parts sprinkled into my rice!
3. xAllen was in a bad mood after she called.
4. xThe person who wrote this note is a foolish creature.
5. xI am not afraid of dogs that chew cabbage.
6. xKaren believes that onions are from Mars.
7. xThey were too small to ride in the cart.
8. xRichie, we want you to be more reasonable.
9. xI know that squirrels are smarter than mice.
10. Who said that my nose is too big?
11. Always remember to be polite.
12. Was I inconsiderate when I stepped on your foot?
13. “Chris is the prince of my dreams,” sighed Katey.
14. He doubted that the bread was fresh.

xxxxxxxxxxaction xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbeing

1. xxxxxxxEatingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxis
2. xxxxxxxsprinkledxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxare

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