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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 28, April 6, 1998

Its or It’s?

The word its is a possessive pronoun. Unlike possessive nouns, most possessive pronouns do not use apostrophes.

Example: The monster ate its own tail.

The word it’s is a contraction. It stands for it is or it has.

Example: Please wear your coat if it’s still cold out.

Write its or it’s in the blank. The first three have been done for you.

1._ It’s never too late to start saving money.
2._ The snake sensed its prey approaching.
3._ The pizza’s done if it’s been baking for twenty minutes.
4._ Don’t eat the meat if _______ green.
5._ _______ been awfully cold lately.
6._ The clock won’t work when _______ batteries are removed.
7._ I think _______ time to tell everyone the news.
8._ We stood motionless as the robot turned _______ head.
9._ “_______ the little things that count,” said the ant.
10. The mouse saw the cat’s carelessness as _______ opportunity to escape.
11. I don’t believe that your dog really knows _______ multiplication facts!
12. She claims _______ impolite to leave your toenails on the table.
13. The creature left _______ tracks in the snow.
14. He’s not helping, and _______ making me angry!
15. The wind wailed _______ lonely song.
16. You know _______ time to leave when the host falls asleep in his chair.
17. Do you think this diamond ring is worth _______ price?
18. We won’t judge your book by _______ title.
19. Please put everything in _______ proper place.
20. Don’t step out of the plane until _______ landed.

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