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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 26, March 23, 1998


A or An?

Use the article a when it is followed by a word that begins with a consonant sound.

Use the article an when it is followed by a word that starts with a vowel sound.

Write a or an in the blank. The first four have been done for you.

1._ I saw an owl on your roof.
2._ They built a real igloo in the park.
3._ Erin is an honor student.
4._ Is Maxwell really a horrible student?
5._ The speech lasted for ____ hour.
6._ Barbara bought ____ better basketball.
7._ ____ bald eagle flew above the hill.
8._ ____ honest reply would be appreciated.
9._ Does ____ ancient city lie beneath the water?
10. How far can ____ gallon of gas go?
11. I think I saw ____ oriole perched on the branch.
12. Would ____ old-fashioned man wear a diamond earring?
13. Did I make ____ mistake by serving the chocolate covered worms?
14. Someone put ____ eel in the bathtub!
15. ____ humorous hippo hugged Helen.
16. We arrived after ____ long afternoon in the automobile.
17. ____ ugly camel answered our eager call.
18. I believe it was ____ accidental meeting.
19. I just picked ____ one ounce apple.
20. She taught ____ exciting lesson.

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