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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 23, March 2, 1998

Verb Tense Review

Indicate the tense of the highlighted verb in each sentence. The helping verb(s) will be highlighted with the main verb.

The first nine verb tenses have been identified for you.

1._ Bonnie repaired the tire before help arrived._ simple past
2._ We were eating chocolate covered ants._ past progressive
3._ Bruce had told her the answers._ past perfect
4._ I love blue corn flakes._ simple present
5._ You have dressed in the wrong costume._ present perfect
6._ She is learning the secret code._ present progressive
7._ Danielle will be my new assistant._ simple future
8._ We'll be getting a new television tomorrow! _ future progressive
9._ He will have listened to all sides before he decides._ future perfect
10. Reggie's sister ate all the dog food.
11. Exercise will make you strong.
12. Ashley always speaks politely.
13. Seth was preparing a special salad for the guests.
14. I'll be calling you soon.
15. Beverly is looking for her teeth.
16. We had often admired the view.
17. I have always valued your opinion.
18. Sasha will have finished all the milk by tomorrow.
19. Paul has spoken to him already.
20. She carefully placed the plates on the shelf.
21. You will really like this story.
22. Albert is putting the straw in his nose!
23. Ryan repeats everything he hears.
24. No one had considered that possibility.
25. At least five hundred people were looking for the treasure.

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