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Volume 2, Number 22, February 23, 1998


The Tense of a Verb, Part III


The tense of a verb is its time: past, present, or future.

Let's look at some examples of the perfect aspect (form) of these tenses.

Past perfect tense: I had ridden my bike to school.

Present perfect tense: I have ridden my bike to school.

Future perfect tense: I will have ridden my bike to school. (Sometimes "shall" is used instead of "will".

Indicate the tense of the highlighted verb in each sentence. The helping verb(s) will be highlighted with the main verb.

The first six verb tenses have been identified for you.

1._ We've looked everywhere for your ring.__ present perfect (We've is the contraction of We have.)
2._ I had always trusted him until that moment.__ past perfect
3._ They will have run twenty miles by the end of the day.__ future perfect
4._ Carol had always wanted to fly.__ past perfect
5._ Has anyone seen my purple wig?__ present perfect
6._ The stock's price will have doubled by the time you buy it!__ future perfect
7._ The campfire's light has faded.
8._ She had suspected it all along.
9._ Trogmire has caught his foot in the cookie jar.
10. We'll have learned many lessons by the end of the week.
11. This is the first time that Jeffrey has beaten Laura at chess!
12. Monopoly had been the old man's hobby for years.
13. Danielle will have finished before you even start.
14. I've never heard a voice so sweet.
15. Shadow had hidden his mouse in Molly's shoe.
16. I'd yearned to know, but had never asked.
17. A thousand fleas had lived happily in his sweater.
18. We will have spent a fortune before the house is rebuilt.
19. Samantha has already read this book.
20. The squirrels have devoured all the seeds.

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