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Volume 2, Number 21, February 9, 1998


The Tense of a Verb, Part II


The tense of a verb is its time: past, present, or future.

Let's look at some examples of the progressive aspect (form) of these tenses.

Past tense: I was riding my bike to school.

Present tense: I am riding my bike to school.

Future tense: I will be riding my bike to school. (Sometimes "shall" is used instead of "will".

Indicate the tense of the highlighted verb in each sentence. The helping verb(s) will be highlighted with the main verb.

The first six verb tenses have been identified for you.

1._ I will always be thinking about you.__ future
2._ I'll be waiting at the bus stop.__ future (I'll is the contraction of I will.)
3._ You were trying too hard to be funny.__ past
4._ He was asking all the right questions.__ past
5._ Sharla is selling her computer.__ present
6._ Laura and Danielle are fighting over Ben.__ present
7._ Michael is teaching us how to play tennis.
8._ Mary wasn't buying their story.
9._ The investigators were getting closer to the truth.
10. They will be sending you a refund.
11. Will Vickie be running in the next race?
12. Your burping is annoying the choir!
13. Paula is questioning Megan's motives.
14. I was just wondering the same thing.
15. Bernie is shopping for a new trailer.
16. You'll be making a big mistake if you go!
17. How is Charles planning to explain this news?
18. Teresa was eating her tuna and banana sandwich.
19. Kathy will be starring in the play.
20. Crickets were chirping throughout the warm night.


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