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Volume 2, Number 20, February 2, 1998


The Tense of a Verb, Part I


The tense of a verb is its time: past, present, or future.

Let's look at some examples of the simple aspect (form) of these tenses.

Past tense: I rode my bike to school.

Present tense: I ride my bike to school.

Future tense: I will ride my bike to school. (Sometimes "shall" is used instead of "will".

Indicate the tense of the highlighted verb in each sentence. Read carefully, because the helping verb won't be highlighted with the main future tense verb.

The first six verb tenses have been identified for you.

1. xCarrie spilled the soup. ....past
2. xI run faster than any turtle in the world. ....present
3. xYou will always remember this lesson. ....future
4. xWe'll invent a better mouse trap. ....future
5. xI am the man you wanted to see. ....present
6. xJohn forgot his password. ....past
7. xSandpaper makes poor facial tissue.
8. xKevin and Travis hauled the boat out of the water.
9. xWe love your chocolate chip cookies!
10. I'll tell you a secret that you won't believe.
11. William knew that the story was false.
12. Yes, we were here yesterday.
13. I think you don't know how to drive this bus.
14. I know who said, “I shall return!”
15. The geese will fly north in the spring.
16. Why are you angry?
17. Fred found fifty frogs floating in the fudge.
18. Ashley was the best speaker at the meeting.
19. Never pour mustard on my peaches!
20. We left after Marvin found his glasses.


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