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Volume 2, Number 18, January 20, 1998

I or Me?

Most of us know that when we refer to ourselves and someone else, we name the other person first. It's good grammar because it seems more polite. But many people get confused about when to use "I" and when to use "me".

Here's a simple way to decide whether "I" or "me" is correct. Just think of what the sentence would sound like if the other person wasn't mentioned at all.

Which is correct?

1. The package is for Nora and I.
2. The package is for Nora and me.

Think about which of these sentences would be correct:

1. The package is for I.
2. The package is for me.

This should make it clear that the correct sentence is:

The package is for Nora and me.

Which is correct?

1. You and I did a good thing.
2. You and me did a good thing.

Which sounds better?

1. I did a good thing.
2. Me did a good thing.

The correct sentence is:

You and I did a good thing.

This method is not perfect, but it will serve you well in almost every situation.

Make the sentence correct by writing I or me in the blank. The first four have been done for you.

1.x Tony and I are trying to solve the mystery. (Of course, if Tony wasn't mentioned, you'd need to use "am" instead of "are".)
2.x It annoys the cat and me when you play your violin.
3.x If Cheryl or I win the money, we'll share it with everyone.
4.x David asked Travis and me to play tennis.
5.x Danielle and _____ ate the whole pizza.
6.x Would you like to join Ryan and _____ for lunch?
7.x They played that song for my wife and _____.
8.x Boris and _____ shared a can of tuna.
9.x There were no computers when John and _____ were young.
10. Chris and _____ bought you this bar of soap.
11. Do you want to know the truth about Kathy and _____?
12. Please tell Richard and _____ how to fly this thing!.

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