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English Basics
Volume 2, Number 17, January 12, 1998

Predicate of a Sentence

The predicate of a sentence is the word or group of words that tells what the subject is doing or being.

A simple predicate is a verb that meets the above requirement.

Underline the simple predicate in each sentence. The first five have been done for you.

1.x Steven never wears a jacket in the rain.
2. xStocks fell in the final hour of trading.
3. xRoxanne is a fine young lady.
4. xPam carefully put the frog on her head.
5. xChris and Daniel played an exciting game of chess.
6. xMiss Joan bought a new computer.
7. xMelissa, please answer the phone.
8. xDid Gregg like his personalized garbage can?
9. xMany mighty monkeys might magically move my mountain.
10. Modems are very important in this modern age.
11. The president announced his position on the matter.
12. Juan silently crept under the abandoned cabin.
13. The balloon sailed around the world.
14. Sam was afraid of the mysterious moth.
15. This watch receives a signal from the atomic clock.

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